News and Updates: Giveaway, soulcrafting, my new book

Today I want to update you on some projects that you might be interested in. And I am super excited to share this with you. soulcrafting, a giveaway and my new book.

soulcrafting (daily exercises to fuel your creativity) is my new online class. This class is only $15. dollars. Why? Because I want to make it possible for every one interested to register for this class. 

soulcrafting starts November 1st 2016.  Don't miss it.

Read more about it and register HERE

I am also giving away another box of Golden paints. I love this box of 14 Golden products.

Sign up for the giveaway below.

I will announce the winner in my newsletter on Sunday November 6th 2016.

Lastly, my new book will be released in 2017. So if you are familiar with my online class called 101 Mixed Media Techniques and if you would like to submit some of your work related to the examples demonstrated in that class, I would love to consider it for publication. Please email me at:

That is all for now.

have a great week.

New Online Class: The Art of Papermaking

I have been making my own handmade paper for years. I have developed my own style and techniques that I have found work best for the multi-media artist. So I am super excited about my upcoming online class called The Art of Papermaking. If you know anything about me, you know that I make my own art supplies. I make all of my canvases, my journals, my paper, glue, paints and more.....So in this class, I am excited to share with you all of my papermaking tips and techniques to show you how to make your own watercolor paper. Paper that is beautiful, one-of-a-kind, scented, gilded, textured or smooth. We are going to cover the basics and beyond about The Art of Papermaking.

In this class we will use a variety of herbs, essential oils, flowers, cellulose fibers and other supplies to make a variety of handmade watercolor paper.

In this step-by-step video class we will start by gathering all of the supplies needed. The supply list is quite basic, but my video instructions are very detailed to help you understand what to get, what to avoid, and where to get what you need to achieve the best results.

It starts with a simple mold and deckle. We will make several in different shapes and sizes.

We will progress by making a paper press and a variety of paper pulps. The pulps vary from herbal, floral, cellulose, inlay, gilded and mixed media. The mixed media pulp is completely experimental and it's a recipe that I developed and use with great success.

We will also work on several ways of creating texture, masking and sizing the paper.

I don't buy paper. I make my own. Join me in The Art of Papermaking and learn how to make your own too.

I am currently accepting pre-registration for this class for only $20. (reg. $50.)  until October 24th 2016. This is a limited time offer.

check out my online classes HERE

handmade calendar

This calendar is a place where I not only keep track of my day-to-day, but where I also dream, doodle and birth future personal and business plans.

This year I decided to make my own planner/calendar. So I started out with this old notebook that belonged to my son when he was in first grade...maybe?

Then I printed monthly calendar pages from

Folded the pages in half.

Then I used double-sided tape to adhere one side of the page to one of the pages in the notebook.

About 5-10 pages after the August calendar, I added the September calendar.

And the same thing for October and so on.

The 5-10 pages between each month are the pages that I use to doodle, write and dream in.

And now its time to alter the cover. I have a brush, some book pages, sheet music and self leveling clear gel  (but you can use any kind of adhesive that you have).

I adhered a sheet music page to the cover, and then smoothed it out with the brush.

I even added sheet music on the inside.

When it was done, it looked something like this.

I decided to paint it a pretty teal, yellow and pink.

But then I changed my mind.

And decided to paint it white instead.

Then I doodled on it using black acrylic paint.

I used the paint palette that I made a few weeks ago. You can watch the video HERE.

And here it is, my finished handmade calendar notebook...easy, recycled and personalized.